Driving license B theorybook English + 15 hours online exam training 2023

CBR Theory book + 15 hours online exams

Set of the English theory book and the 15 hour online training for the Dutch traffic. To study the theory and practice the CBR exams. This set contains the ‘Learning to drive’ theory book in English and 15 hours of online English theory exams for the Dutch B license.

Theory book + Internet exam training:

• Learning to drive – theory book 2023
•15 hours Internet theory exam training 2023

About the theory book Learning to drive – Dutch traffic regulations.
Rich illustrated book in English. The chapters are divided as:
1. Human failings as a driver
2. Legal requirements
3. Traffic signs
4. Roads
5. Special road sections
6. Behaviour on junctions, priority, giving right a way
7. Speed and maintaining a safe following distance
8. Other road users
9. Driving manoeuvres
10. Stopping, parking, queue, breakdown, towing, accidents
11. Communication, driving with lights on and in difficult weather conditions
12. Environmental aspects
13. Technical aspects
14. Register of traffic signs

About the 15 hours online theory training:
15 hours of Internet exam training to prepare yourself for the CBR theory test. You will have access to 15 realistic and up to date theory exams.

Please be advised that the Internet exam training is delivered without audio.


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